About The Band

Brian Varhelyi, Pottstown, Pa. - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Was a member of Arthur's Museum, Phebe & Brian.  Has played guitar for Melissa Manchester, Jason Alexander, Bay Atlantic Symphony, Derek Crider, Lefty Lucy.

Inducted into Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with his band Arthur's Museum (first ever People's Choice) and the following year as Brian Varhelyi - Keyboards.

Julio, Bora Bora - Mascott

Currently in Rehab

Tim McKinstry, Hazelton, Pa.- Lead Vocals, Keyboards

Has played keyboards for Fran Cosmo of Boston, Tommy Conwell, Michael Allman Band, Derek Forbes (Simple Minds).  Also plays for Sir Rod, John McNutt Band and Barry Warren Orchestra.

Rich Kurtz - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Besides keeping the bottom pumping with The Coconutz Band, he's also a memeber of the Bay Atlantic Symphony, Hawkins Road, Red and Danny Eyer Band.

Joey "Boom" Mekler, Hackensack, NJ - Drums, Vocals

Has toured throughout the US, Europe and the Caribbean on drums and percussion playing every style of music imaginable.  Performing with artists such as Moot Davis, Lefty Lucy, The Dovells, Danny & the Juniors, Dion and BD Lenz to name but a few.